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English National Opera

ENO Opera Works 2008 - 2017

. Dispatches (2017)

. Lillian Baylis House

conductor Alex Ingram associate director .  Ashley Pearson design Laura Fontana lx Peter Harrison sound Ben Grant

OW Anchor 1

. Dream (2016) 

. Lillian Baylis House

conductor Peter Robinson set design MLaura Cuervo and Joanna Wright lx Christina Smith sound Dan Balfour

. Landscape  (2015) 

. Bloomsbury Theatre

conductor Alex Ingram  design Will Holt lx Christina Smith sound Candice Weaver

. Container (2014) 

. Sadler's Wells

conductor Tim Murray design Will Holt lx Christina Smith sound Ignacio Cueto

. Postcards (2013) 

. Sadler's Wells

conductor Stevie Higgins design Will Holt lx Marc Rosette

. The Magic Flute (2014) 

. Sherman Theatre

conductor David Jones design April Dalton with Lizzie Cox lx Daniel Sawyer movement . Jem Treays assistant director . Debs Cohen


Discard any ideas that this is another student production – rather this is a conceptually stimulating, musically engaging and thoroughly entertaining Magic Flute that would knock the stuffing out of many takes on Mozart’s final opera. We were promised an imaginative and innovative new interpretation from director Martin Constantine and we were not disappointed. It is brimming with ideas, balancing charming and chilling scenes, images and characterisations from a cast that gives us plenty of radiant and polished performances in a totally committed ensemble cast. If you have an appetite for fresh voices with exuberance, a talented orchestra and a show that could grace the stage of any of our operas houses get yourself a ticket. There is plenty in this production to delight and to intrigue in equal measure, but it is not all frivolous fantasy. Light might win the day but in this production the darkness never really goes away.


It's a fair bet that the composer would have been equally pleased by this innovative, funny and imaginative interpretation of his two-act opera by the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Impressively staged and beautifully sung and acted, this English language production mixed the light and frothy with the challenging and serious to give us a satisfying and entertaining evening. Director Martin Constantine brought his considerable experience to bear and drew the threads together in a convincing, stimulating and entertaining way. Constantine is director of ENO Opera Works, English National Opera's training course for young opera singers and certainly drew the best out of the young singers in this production. 


. Flight (2013) 

conductor David Jones associate directors . Jem Treays design Amy Hudson lx Ben Stimpson 


These performers certainly demonstrated their acting as well as their singing skills to the full. Flight has received many plaudits for its accessibility in the often alienating world of contemporary opera, and quite rightly on the strength of this production. It was a joy to see and hear, and judging by the expressions on the faces of the cast at the end of the show, a joy for them to perform as well.


. Die Fledermaus (2011) 

conductor David Jones associate directors . Jem Treays / Eric Roberts set design Christine Urquhart  costume design Lisa Leighton lx Jack Ramplin

. Britten's Women (2010)

co-production with Bath International Festival (2013)

conductor .David Jones design . Jo Lakin costume design . Emma Jones  lx . Jamie Spirito

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