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title. The Silent Twins

company. Almeida

Twins Anchor 1

composer Errolyn Wallen  libretto April de Angelis conductor Tim Murray design Peter McKintosh  choreographer Aletta Collins

lx design Neil Austin photography Toby Farrow


Remarkable performances from Alison Crookendale as Jennifer and Talise Trevigne as June; not only do they resemble twins, but their body language is eerily suggestive of mutual identification as well as mutual mistrust. Devon Harrison is priceless as Mark, Jennifer's tongue-tied pen pal; the scenes in Broadmoor are painfully funny. Martin Constantine's production is assured - an unequivocal hit. 



Martin Constantine's production skilfully shows the twins' imagined world closing in around them; their logical responses are magically brought to life by Alison Crookendale and Talise Trevigne. The Silent Twins moves and disturbs. 


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